Bjain Hamamelis Virginica Mother Tincture Q is a homeopathic medicine manufactured by Bjain Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd. This medicine comes in a bottle containing 30 ml of Mother Tincture. The MRP of this medicine is Rs. 130.

**Dosage:** It is recommended to take this medicine as directed by a healthcare professional.

**Side Effects:** Homeopathic medicines are generally considered safe when taken as prescribed. However, consult a healthcare provider if you experience any unusual symptoms.

**Frequently Asked Questions:**

1. *Can this medicine be taken without a prescription?*
It is advisable to consult a qualified homeopathic practitioner before taking this medicine.

2. *What is the recommended dosage for Bjain Hamamelis Virginica Mother Tincture Q?*
The dosage varies based on individual circumstances. Please follow the advice of a healthcare provider.

3. *Are there any known drug interactions with this medicine?*
Homeopathic medicines are considered safe, but it is best to inform your healthcare provider about all the medicines you are currently taking.

4. *How long does it take to see results from this medicine?*
The duration of treatment and the time to see results may vary from person to person. Follow the prescribed regimen consistently.

5. *Can this medicine be used for children or pregnant women?*
It is important to seek advice from a healthcare provider before administering this medicine to children or pregnant women.

Always seek professional advice before starting any new medication, especially in case of specific health conditions or concerns.

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