A detailed introduction to the 3bo Large Navy Deltoid Lite Face Mask with Knit Fabric:

The 3bo Large Navy Deltoid Lite Face Mask with Knit Fabric is a premium quality mask designed for optimal comfort and protection. Manufactured by Camellia Clothing Limited, this mask falls under the category of Masks. Each pack contains a box of 3 masks, making it convenient for both individual and family use. The MRP (Maximum Retail Price) for this high-quality face mask is ₹490.

– For optimal protection, it is recommended to wear the face mask whenever you are in public spaces or in close contact with others.
– Ensure the mask covers both your nose and mouth securely for maximum effectiveness.

Side Effects:
– The 3bo Large Navy Deltoid Lite Face Mask with Knit Fabric is crafted with soft, breathable material to minimize any potential skin irritation.
– If you experience any discomfort or skin reaction while wearing the mask, discontinue use and consult with a healthcare professional.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many masks are included in each box?
A: Each pack contains 3 masks for extended use and convenience.

Q: What is the material of the mask?
A: The face mask is made with knit fabric for a comfortable and breathable fit.

Q: Can the mask be reused?
A: While the mask is designed for repeated use, it is advisable to wash it regularly to maintain hygiene and effectiveness.

Q: Are the ear loops adjustable?
A: Yes, the ear loops of the mask are designed to provide a customizable and secure fit for various face sizes.

Q: Is the mask suitable for children?
A: The 3bo Large Navy Deltoid Lite Face Mask is recommended for adults but can be worn by older children under adult supervision.

Always follow the recommended guidelines for wearing and caring for your 3bo Large Navy Deltoid Lite Face Mask to ensure optimal protection and comfort.

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