**1Mile Healthcare Classic Tone Stethoscope**

The 1Mile Healthcare Classic Tone Stethoscope is a renowned medical device essential for healthcare professionals across the globe. Manufactured by 1Mile Healthcare, a trusted name in the healthcare industry, this stethoscope falls under the category of Doctor’s Corner equipment.

**Product Details:**
– Manufacturer: 1Mile Healthcare
– Category: Doctor’s Corner
– Packing Type: Box of 1 Unit
– MRP: ₹399

**Dosage and Usage:**
This stethoscope is designed for optimal performance in auscultation, allowing healthcare providers to listen to and interpret sounds from the body with precision. To use, simply place the chest piece gently on the patient’s body and listen through the earpieces for accurate heart, lung, and other bodily sounds.

**Side Effects:**
The 1Mile Healthcare Classic Tone Stethoscope is a non-invasive medical tool and does not have any associated side effects when used as recommended. It is essential to clean and maintain the device regularly to ensure hygienic practices.

**Frequently Asked Questions:**
1. **Q: Can this stethoscope be used for pediatric patients?**
A: Yes, the 1Mile Healthcare Classic Tone Stethoscope is suitable for use on both adult and pediatric patients.

2. **Q: What is the warranty period for this stethoscope?**
A: The manufacturer provides a warranty of 1 year from the date of purchase against any manufacturing defects.

3. **Q: Is this stethoscope latex-free?**
A: Yes, this stethoscope is latex-free, making it safe for individuals with latex sensitivities to use.

4. **Q: How often should I clean this stethoscope?**
A: It is recommended to clean the stethoscope after each use to maintain hygiene and prevent cross-contamination.

5. **Q: Can I use this stethoscope for both cardiac and respiratory examinations?**
A: Absolutely, the 1Mile Healthcare Classic Tone Stethoscope is versatile and can be used for a wide range of clinical assessments, including cardiac and respiratory examinations.

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