1Mile Disposable Bouffant Cap is a reliable product manufactured by 1Mile Healthcare. It falls under the category of Covid Test & Prevention, essential for maintaining hygiene and safety standards during medical procedures. Each box contains 100 units of these disposable bouffant caps, ensuring an adequate supply for healthcare facilities.

The MRP of 1Mile Disposable Bouffant Cap is ₹275, making it a cost-effective solution for healthcare providers to adhere to infection control protocols. The manufacturer, 1Mile Healthcare, is known for producing high-quality medical supplies that meet industry standards.

These disposable bouffant caps are designed for one-time use and should be disposed of properly after each use to prevent cross-contamination and maintain a sterile environment.

Side Effects:
As these bouffant caps are intended for single use and are made of lightweight, non-woven fabric, there are no known side effects associated with their use. However, it is essential to follow proper disposal guidelines to ensure safety and hygiene.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are these bouffant caps suitable for use in medical procedures?
A: Yes, 1Mile Disposable Bouffant Caps are designed to meet the hygiene requirements of medical settings and are suitable for use during various procedures.

Q: Can these caps be reused?
A: No, these bouffant caps are for single use only to maintain cleanliness and prevent contamination.

Q: Are these caps suitable for all head sizes?
A: The elastic band of these caps allows for a comfortable fit on various head sizes, making them versatile for different users.

Q: Do these bouffant caps provide adequate protection against contaminants?
A: Yes, these caps help protect the hair and scalp from contaminants, ensuring a clean and sterile environment during medical procedures.

Q: Can these caps be used in other industries besides healthcare?
A: While designed for healthcare settings, these bouffant caps can also be used in food processing, laboratories, and other industries that require head protection.

Keep your healthcare facility prepared and safe with 1Mile Disposable Bouffant Caps, a cost-effective solution for maintaining hygiene and infection control standards.

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