Herbal Shampoo 350ml: Overview

Herbal Shampoo 350ml, manufactured by Vaadi Herbals, is a popular hair care product that falls under the category of herbal remedies. It comes in a convenient bottle packaging of 350ml and is priced at Rs. 215, with a discounted price of Rs. 200, saving customers 6.98% on their purchase. This gentle and effective shampoo is formulated with natural ingredients to promote healthy and beautiful hair.

Active Ingredients

The Herbal Shampoo 350ml by Vaadi Herbals contains a blend of herbal extracts and natural ingredients known for their nourishing and cleansing properties. Some of the key active ingredients include Amla, Shikakai, Reetha, and Bhringraj. These botanical extracts work together to cleanse the scalp, strengthen the hair follicles, promote hair growth, and add shine to the hair.

Pharmacological Properties

The pharmacological properties of Herbal Shampoo 350ml are attributed to the synergistic effects of its natural ingredients. The Amla extract is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, which help to nourish the scalp and strengthen hair strands. Shikakai acts as a natural cleanser, removing impurities and excess oil from the scalp. Reetha acts as a natural foaming agent, while Bhringraj helps in revitalizing the hair and promoting hair growth.


Herbal Shampoo 350ml is indicated for individuals looking for a natural and gentle shampoo that cleanses the scalp, nourishes the hair, and promotes overall hair health. It is suitable for all hair types and can be used regularly as part of a hair care routine.


While Herbal Shampoo 350ml is generally safe for use, individuals with known allergies to any of the ingredients should avoid using this product. It is always recommended to perform a patch test before using any new hair care product, especially if you have sensitive skin or scalp.


To use Herbal Shampoo 350ml, wet your hair thoroughly and apply a small amount of the shampoo to your scalp. Gently massage the shampoo into the scalp and hair, working up a lather. Rinse thoroughly with water and repeat if necessary. For best results, follow up with a conditioner from the same product line.

Side Effects

Herbal Shampoo 350ml is a gentle and natural product and is unlikely to cause any adverse side effects when used as directed. However, some individuals may experience mild scalp irritation or allergic reactions due to individual sensitivities. If you experience any discomfort, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional.

Drug Interactions

As Herbal Shampoo 350ml is for external use only and does not contain any active pharmaceutical ingredients, it is unlikely to interact with any medications or topical products. However, if you have any concerns about potential interactions, consult with a healthcare provider before using this product.

Patient Counseling

Patients using Herbal Shampoo 350ml should be advised to follow the instructions for use carefully and perform a patch test before applying the product to the entire scalp. If any adverse reactions occur, discontinue use and seek medical advice. It is important to maintain good hair care practices, including regular washing and conditioning, to promote healthy hair.

Clinical Evidence

While Herbal Shampoo 350ml is formulated with natural ingredients known for their hair care benefits, specific clinical studies on this product may be limited. However, the individual botanical extracts in the shampoo have been traditionally used in Ayurvedic and herbal medicine for promoting hair health and are generally well-tolerated by users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How often should I use Herbal Shampoo 350ml?
A: Herbal Shampoo 350ml can be used as frequently as needed based on your hair care routine. For best results, use it regularly as part of your hair washing regimen.

Q: Can Herbal Shampoo 350ml be used on colored or chemically treated hair?
A: Yes, Herbal Shampoo 350ml is gentle enough to be used on colored or chemically treated hair. It helps cleanse the hair without stripping the color or causing damage.

Q: Is Herbal Shampoo 350ml suitable for oily or dry scalp?
A: Herbal Shampoo 350ml is suitable for all scalp types, including oily and dry scalp. Its natural ingredients help balance oil production and nourish the scalp.

Q: Does Herbal Shampoo 350ml contain sulfates or parabens?
A: No, Herbal Shampoo 350ml is free from sulfates, parabens, and other harsh chemicals. It is formulated with natural ingredients for gentle cleansing.

Q: Can Herbal Shampoo 350ml help with dandruff?
A: Herbal Shampoo 350ml is not specifically formulated to treat dandruff. However, its natural ingredients may help maintain a healthy scalp and reduce the risk of dandruff.

Q: Is Herbal Shampoo 350ml cruelty-free?
A: Yes, Herbal Shampoo 350ml by Vaadi Herbals is cruelty-free and not tested on animals. The brand follows ethical practices in product development.

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