Introduction to Baby Diaper (NB)

Baby Diaper (NB) is a pharmaceutical product manufactured by WALMARK, providing a convenient solution for maintaining hygiene and comfort for infants. This product falls under the category of Uncategorised medicines and is available in a packing type of 10 pieces per pack. The actual Maximum Retail Price (MRP) of Baby Diaper (NB) is Rs. 99, with a discounted price of Rs. 99, resulting in a discount percentage of 0.

Active Ingredients of Baby Diaper (NB)

The active ingredients in Baby Diaper (NB) are carefully selected materials that contribute to its effectiveness in providing absorbency and comfort for infants.

Pharmacological Properties of Baby Diaper (NB)

The pharmacological properties of Baby Diaper (NB) revolve around its ability to wick moisture away from the skin, preventing rashes and discomfort. The design and materials used in the construction of the diaper help in maintaining dryness for the baby.

Indications for Use

Baby Diaper (NB) is indicated for use in infants to maintain cleanliness, dryness, and comfort. It is recommended for regular use to prevent diaper rashes and ensure that the baby remains happy and healthy.


While Baby Diaper (NB) is generally safe for use, individuals with hypersensitivity to the components of the diaper should avoid its use. It is essential to perform a patch test before regular usage, especially for babies with sensitive skin.

Dosage and Administration

The appropriate way to use Baby Diaper (NB) is to ensure that the baby is wearing a clean diaper and to change it regularly, especially after bowel movements. It is recommended to avoid leaving the baby in a wet diaper for an extended period to prevent discomfort and diaper rashes.

Side Effects of Baby Diaper (NB)

The materials used in Baby Diaper (NB) are generally safe and do not cause significant side effects. However, in some cases, infants with extremely sensitive skin may experience mild irritations. In such instances, discontinuing the use of the diaper is advisable.

Drug Interactions

Baby Diaper (NB) is a topical product and does not usually interact with other medications. It is essential to ensure proper hygiene practices while using the diaper to maintain the baby’s skin health.

Patient Counseling

When using Baby Diaper (NB), it is crucial to maintain good hygiene practices. Ensure that the diaper is changed frequently, and the baby’s skin is cleaned and dried properly before putting on a new diaper. In case of any skin irritation or prolonged redness, consult a healthcare professional.

Clinical Evidence Supporting Baby Diaper (NB)

Several studies have highlighted the importance of using high-quality diapers like Baby Diaper (NB) in maintaining infant skin health. The design and materials of the diaper play a significant role in preventing diaper rashes and ensuring the baby’s comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can Baby Diaper (NB) be used for newborns?

Yes, Baby Diaper (NB) is specifically designed for newborns to provide them with comfort and keep their skin dry.

2. How often should I change the diaper?

It is recommended to change the diaper whenever it gets wet or soiled to prevent rashes and maintain hygiene.

3. Is Baby Diaper (NB) hypoallergenic?

While Baby Diaper (NB) is made of soft and gentle materials, it is essential to perform a patch test, especially for babies with sensitive skin.

4. Can I use diaper cream with Baby Diaper (NB)?

Yes, you can use diaper cream if needed, but ensure that it is compatible with the materials of the diaper to maintain its effectiveness.

5. How long can a single diaper be used?

It is recommended not to use a single diaper for an extended period to prevent skin irritation. Change the diaper promptly after it gets wet or soiled.


In conclusion, Baby Diaper (NB) by WALMARK is a reliable and effective product for ensuring the comfort and well-being of infants. By following the recommended usage guidelines and maintaining proper hygiene practices, parents can provide their babies with a safe and comfortable diapering experience.

Feel free to contact us for any further queries or concerns regarding the usage of Baby Diaper (NB).

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